The 5 best places to eat in East London for under a tenner (£10)


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The 5 best places to eat in East London for under a tenner (£10)

8 Aug 2016

Whether you’ve been to London or not, you’ll know it’s notorious for one thing: cost. Being one of the most expensive cities in the world to live in, it’s up to locals to sniff out good deals at every opportunity in order to avoid being ripped off! So if you’re coming to the end of your holiday here, and the the iron tank (that’s bank in cockney rhyming slang - a type of english slang that originated in East London) is running a tad low on bangers and mash (cash), look to this Londoner’s guide on how to get the best kidney punch (lunch) for under a cock and hen (£10).


Beigel Bake

 The best bagel shop in town is situated in the heart of east London offering cheap bagels and pastries 24/7. My personal favourite is the hot salty beef topped with mustard. If bagels aren’t your favourite, they also offer some super cheap pastries too - that beats going to Greggs any day!



Hoxton Beach

These guys provide excellent tasty and fulfilling falafel wraps which leave you full for hours. For just four quid you can afford to treat yourself!



Borough Market

Heaven for food lovers on a budget. The market is one of a kind offering a wide variety of food locally sourced and produced. Pop up to borough market on a weekend and enjoy the vibes!



Old Spitalfields Market

This is much like its neighbour market borough market but still a great haunt. The market offers a wide range of street food from burgers, shawarma wraps to biryani and sandwiches and more.



E Pellicci



A great ‘greasy spoon’ cafe. Back in the sixties this joint was a favourite hang out of the Krays (a couple of infamous London gangsters), and although a few years on, they still serve the best fry ups (breakfasts) in east London. Based in Bethnal Green, the E Pellici menu is pretty broad, ranging from traditional Italian pasta dishes and hearty pies, to pancakes and piping hot coffee.


Ajiri Owuasu is a student at Queen Mary University and one of our friendly Locals. See his profile here.

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