Fine Dining with a Twist: Brixton's Prison Restaurant


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Fine Dining with a Twist: Brixton's Prison Restaurant

23 Aug 2016


Giving a whole new meaning to the thought of prison food, The Clink is an innovative restaurant located in the heart of Her Majesty's Prison, Brixton.


When it comes to eating out, foodies are constantly on the prowl for something fresh and tasty to experience - something to be excited about. What's more out-of-the-ordinary than eating in restaurant staffed by prison inmates? If at this point you're thinking, I'd rather have a cheeky Nando's - please carry on reading as you might just change your mind.  


As you would expect, there are a few stages between booking a table and enjoying your meal - every one acting as a part of the overall experience. 


Before you can book your table, you must be cleared by security to make sure you're not related to a member of staff, as the restaurant conducts a strict no-family policy. But more interestingly, the check is to insure that you're clean - and not a potential enemy of an inmate. Has dinner ever posed such a dangerous threat? On top of this, you'll have dine with plastic cutlery for safety purposes and settle for a mocktail - as the sale of alcohol is prohibited. For any normal fine dining experience, this would be enough to put you off - but this is no normal experience, and rest assured that you won't regret your decision to eat at The Clink. 


You must have your bag checked before entering and shut away all electronic devices in lockers - with extra emphasis placed on mobile phones. This particular rule happens to be my favourite, as it puts a stop to that friend we all seem to have - who just can't resist instagramming a photo of their starter. Don't bother, unless you want to pay a hefty fine. 


With an 87.5% success rate in reducing re-offending, it's not a surprise that more prison restaurants are popping up all over the country.  

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