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Top 10 Spots in Brighton for Music Lovers

As a music enthusiast – or should I say “geek” – I always keep myself updated regarding Brighton’s music scene and new releases. In these terms, the city offers a wide selection of live venues, small pubs that host local bands’ gigs on a regular basis or just DJ nights for all sorts of tastes. As well as this, I enjoy spending time among the city’s great record stores where, either looking for something specific or simply browsing, there will always be something that will attract my attention. So I’ve created a guide to the top 10 record stores and the local music venues and pubs where you can hear some of the latest music fashions and local bands that every music ‘aficionado’ must check during a visit in Brighton. Enjoy! 



28 Kensington Gardens, BN1 4AL


Brighton’s hot spot for all music enthusiasts! Located in the heart of North Laine (the city’s lively commercial and hip quarter), Resident is the perfect place for updates about local events and gigs as well as the latest music releases from a wide spectrum of music styles including indie, electronic, psych rock, ethnic, blues and hip-hop! Not forgetting, for all those book-lovers, there’s a corner in the shop offering a wide selection of music-themed books and magazines. An essential stop! 



The Green Door Store 

3 Trafalgar Street, BN1 4


Literally underneath the train station, Green Door Store is a bar and live stage for either after hours party goers or theme-nights enthusiasts. Covering all kinds of music tastes, from hip hop and R&B to indie rock and metal, GDS is a safe option for all those who want to make the most out of their night in Brighton. Simply enter, check the events and choose the night that suits you best! 



Across The Tracks 

110 Gloucester Rd, BN1 4AF


Situated in North Laine’s “melting pot”, Across The Tracks record store is an essential stop for all those explorers of obscure music and 7’’ collectors or first-press releases. Its diligently messy interior gives you the impression that this place was forgotten by time and among its huge collection of vinyls you may catch yourself thinking “I’ve been looking for this”! Absolutely essential for fans of rock ‘n’ roll, Motown, ska, soul, psychedelic, punk and more! 



The Hope And Ruin

11-12 Queens Road, BN1 3WA


My personal favourite! Hip decoration, great atmosphere and a big range of gigs on the upper floor compose this absolutely great venue. Located in a very close proximity to Brighton’s train station, Hope and Ruin is an essential stop for either a drink downstairs (especially when a DJ night is scheduled) or for a local gig upstairs! 



The Record Album 

8 Terminus St, BN1 3PD


Located literally next to the train station, The Record Album (established in 1948) is one of the oldest record stores that this city has to display. It focuses on film soundtracks, stage, musicals and high quality classical recordings. A remarkable haunt of collectable vinyls carefully and lovingly selected by owner George Ginn. 



The Haunt 

10 Pool Valley, BN1 1NJ - Photo credit:


A great live venue that also hosts theme-nights parties, The Haunt is very close to the seafront. Its “90s nights” party is legendary! 



Monkey Music Emporium 

43 Baker St, BN1 4JN


Among the hustle and bustle of London Road stands this secret vinyl paradise in Baker Street. A must-visit for those looking for quality second hand records or turntables. Equip yourselves with patience as you may spend over an hour, browsing through the store’s huge range of music records and 7’’. 



Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar 

9-12 Middle St, BN1 1AL - Photo credit:


While on ground floor you can have your drink under the tunes of local DJs, the lower level hosts gigs and other musical events, honouring the term “underground”. Just visit Sticky Mike's and you will see for yourselves! 



Rare Kind Records

104 Trafalgar St, BN1 4ER


Located only a few minutes’ walk from the train station, Rare Kind is a kingdom of underground hip hop culture and more. Local DJs also frequent this store in order to supply themselves with funky samplers and old-school beats. If you are into hip hop DJing, reggae and electronic beats this is definitely the place to be in Brighton! 



The Prince Albert 

48 Trafalgar St, Brighton BN1 4ED


A great pub and small live music venue next to the train station. Another much loved feature of the Prince Albert is the extraordinary graffiti of music legends covering the exterior walls. Either having a drink downstairs in one of its various rooms or listening to local bands upstairs your satisfaction is guaranteed!


For more insider tips on the very best of Brighton's music scene, check out Alexandros's profile and explore Brighton together on your next trip!

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