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A day in the life of a twenty-something in Ealing

27 Sep 2016

Life in Ealing is somewhat more relaxed than life in central London. However, as a young person growing up in Ealing, my love for London’s bustling, and round-the clock centre still remains strong. This suburban area is far from a sleepy town, and a day out in Ealing can be made just as enjoyable as a day out, just a 20-minute tube ride away, in the centre of London. In order to explore the charm of Ealing in just one day and see some seriously non touristy things to do in London, follow this guide…


Head to Tiramisù Café for a light lunch and a much needed coffee. With their homemade Italian cuisine and their free WIFI access, this family-run gem of a kid friendly cafe in the heart of Ealing has all the essentials for a relaxing brunch break. Something not worth missing from their menu is the Sardinian breakfast; a wonderful and delicious twist on the English breakfast. You might narrow your eyes at this point in suspicion, thinking an English breakfast cannot be improved upon! But believe us, this one's worth a shot. 


After a healthy and hearty brunch from Tiramisù, take a short stroll to Walpole Park with take-away Tiramisù in hand (the best in London, maybe...) You'll obviously have remembered to bring a picnic blanket with you, so pull out a book and watch the world go by. Or you know, just have a nap... We won't tell. When your legs go numb from sitting down, wander round the park and soak up its beauty.


Mid-afternoon shows at the Questors theatre are a must. You can indulge in one of the well-thought out, non-professional productions of the team without the hassle of queues and popcorn-crunching that you may find in the West End. For those theatrical kings and queens out there, you could also try out one of Questors many acting training courses.



Santa Maria Pizzeria is a MUST. Your dinner spot is not up fpr negociation, and we'll never forgive you if you don't try it. Time Out voted this spot the Best pizzeria in London in 2010 and it definitely lives up to this title. Though small, this pizzeria delivers authentic Italian pizza’s from its wood-fired oven onto to your plate, or even into your carefully packaged take-away box, which ooze with that Neapolitan authenticity.



As evening falls, wander over to Crispin’s Wine bar. Open until the early hours of the morning, Crispin’s pulls in all sorts of wonderful people (ourselves included, obviously). This place has held on to that old school wine bar charm that many places seem to lack nowadays. When visiting Crispin’s, be ready to get up close and personal with the swarm of friendly wine-drinkers who enter this tiny establishment. For those who are down for a more chilled glass of vino (and perhaps some cheese), a little earlier on in the evening, Ealing is the new home to Abottshill Wine Bar and Deli . Abottshill houses high quality wine from small and independent vinyards and farms, and a wide variety cheese. It is the perfect place to sit for hours, with a glass of wine in hand and congratulate yourself for venturing out and discovering something non touristy in London. But please, don't tell everyone because we'd like to hang on to our favourite table in Crispin's.


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