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Top 5 Markets In London Loved By Locals

29 Sep 2017

London is home to a wide array of markets, from food to vintage clothes to antiques. Some of them are known to tourists and locals alike. However, many of the smaller, lesser known and perhaps tucked-away-down-slightly-questionable-looking alleyways markets are where you can find the most unique goods, and these are often only known to London Locals. With this guide you can find, in my humble opinion, London's top 5 markets that locals love. Some of them world famous, and others only discoverable with a local by your side. 


Cabbages and Frocks Market


Cabbages and frocks. That classic combination. This smaller market has a very unique feel to it and supports local food vendors, artists and designers. The market specializes in foods from around the world, fashion, pet accessories, jewellery and local produce. This is the perfect spot to search for unique gifts for loved ones, for an afternoon stroll on a Saturday, or for that time when you might actually need to purchase both a cabbage and a frock in the same afternoon.

When: Saturday (11am-5pm)
Where: St Marylebone Parish Grounds
Closest Train Station: Marylebone/Borough


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Brick Lane Market



In terms of variety and diversity, Brick Lane is, without a doubt the best weekly market in London. Every Sunday you will find a wide range of stalls selling art, jewellery, clothes, food; in short, pretty much anything you could imagine a market to have. Alongside these stalls you will find people playing music; guitars, bongos, bagpipes or even a tin bin. What makes Brick Lane Market so special is it's surrounding area; the creative, diverse and industrial character of Shoreditch really shines through on a Sunday in Brick Lane.

N.B. Listening to someone play the tin bin is thankfully not compulsory.


When: Every Sunday (10am-5pm)
Where: Brick Lane 
Closest Train Station: Shoreditch High Street



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Maltby street market


Less known than its neighbor Borough Market, Maltby Street Market is like Borough Market’s Younger more excitable brother. Going to Maltby market sometimes feels like you are stepping into someone’s back garden BBQ. This food market is full of life and it has that community feel to it, with people coming together to try great food from all over the world. The different smells and tastes that come out of this place make you feel like you are walikng through the streets of Jamaica, Italy, Spain and so many other countries, all at once.


When: Every Saturday (9am-4pm) and Sunday (11am-4pm)
Where: Ropewalk, Maltby street
Closest Train Station: London Bridge/Borough



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Southbank Centre Market


The wonderful Southbank Centre Market offers a range of food and produce. The fresh, local produce make this a great place to wander when looking for ideas and ingredients for that night’s dinner. Buying food from here will cost slightly more than a Tesco’s shop, however the quality of the local produce will bare no comparison. People also flock here in the weekends in search of delicious street food. It also happens to be one of our favourite things to do in London with kids thanks to the abudance of culinary delights on offer and riverside location, just don't blame us if everyone ends up eating a little too much and spends the rest of the afternoon complaining of being full!  


When: Every Friday(12am-8pm), Saturday (11am-8pm) and Sunday (12am-6pm)-Friday and Saturday hours are extended by an hour in the summer
Where: Southbank Centre, Belvedere Road
Closest Train Station: Southbank



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Borough Market


Similarly to Southbank market, Borough Market prides itself on its mission to support local farmers and independent businesses. Open almost every day, this market allows local vendors to sell their quality food and to promote their own brands. You can find international and local vendors here, offering cheese, wine, fresh flowers, oysters, pizza and many foods from all over the globe. Given its great reputation, and the fact that it is possibly the most well-known food market in London, famous to both tourists and to the thousands of London residents, this market can sometimes feel slightly over-crowded. However, don’t let the crowds turn you away, this gem is not worth missing!


When: Monday-Friday (10am-5pm) Saturday (10am-6pm)
Where: Southbank Street
Closest Train Station: London Bridge/Borough 



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