5 Best Pancake Restaurants in Amsterdam


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5 Best Pancake Restaurants in Amsterdam

10 Feb 2017


When in Amsterdam, we’re sure you’ll agree there’s some things you just have to try. Pancakes are obviously on that list. So we’ve rounded up the 5 best pancake restaurants in Amsterdam to keep you munching through traditional Dutch pannenkoeken, poffertjes (which we will helpfully translate for you: they’re Dutch mini pancakes) or American style stacks all day long! 


Pancakes Amsterdam 

Just to clarify, Pancakes only sell pancakes. A great idea, we’re sure you’ll agree. They whip up some of the best Dutch and American pancakes in town, and have created some of our favourite ever pancake toppings. In the Dutch style, they cook the toppings in the batter itself (so technically not a topping), but who wouldn’t want bacon and apple cooked in the pancake itself? Genius! We also love the goats cheese, spinach and pine nuts pancake, and believe us when we say they’re not shy with the cheese! They also serve the fluffiest American style pancakes, so if you’re in the mood for a stack of pancakes with bacon and maple syrup, this is your spot!



Photo credit: thatfoodcray.com


Mook Pancakes

If you’ve found yourself questioning if all these pancakes with bacon are getting to be a little much, then we have the answer. The clever people at Mook have put a very welcome healthy and organic spin on proceedings: they use oat or spelt flour, there’s vegan and gluten free options, and everything is accompanied by delicious fresh juices and a hip hop soundtrack, obviously. The space is open and airy, making it the perfect spot for a long brunch, although we all know that it’s totally acceptable to eat pancakes at any time in Amsterdam! We’d recommend the date and coconut pancake and a ginger shot to go with it!



Photo credit: lisagoesvegan.com


CT Coffee and Coconuts 

Coconuts, palm trees, single origin coffee, pancakes... The dream, wouldn’t you agree? (Okay fine, we made the palm tree part up but the rest of it is true). In a converted cinema from the 1920s you’ll find Coffee and Coconuts, where the menu sounds a lot like something you’d find on a tropical island; fresh coconuts, juices and coolers sitting happily alongside smoothie bowls and coconut pancakes. The exposed brickwork and whitewashed walls make this the perfect spot to recharge and fill up on some healthy(ish) pancakes.



Photo credit: a-la-rox.com


De Witte Swaen 

This one’s not technically in Amsterdam, we’re sure you’ll let us off. If you’re feeling energetic, grab your a bike cycle for an hour, or if you really need pancakes asap (understandable) take the bus. De Witte Swaen is actually in Broek in Waterland, a seventeenth century village just outside Amsterdam. Their pancakes are baked the traditional way, and with over 60 flavours to choose from you’ll be pleased to have made the journey out to this little slice of pancake heaven.



Photo credit: tripadvisor.nl

Upstairs Pannenkoekenhuis 

Pannenkoekenhuis actually feels rather a lot like being in someone’s living room. If that someone had teapots hanging from their living room ceiling. Don’t we all? Once you’ve navigated the narrow staircase, bagged one of the four tables (we’d recommend booking ahead) and got over the fact that it feels a little like the entire Dutch royal family is staring down at you from the various photos that adorn the walls, you’ll be able to enjoy some of the most authentic pancakes in Amsterdam. The menu is pretty traditional and you’ll find Dutch classics like cheese, bacon and tomato or apple and chocolate sauce, but there’s always the option to add a dash of Cointreau into the mix.



Photo credit: elderhaydenlott.blogspot.com


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