The Best Vegan Desserts in London


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The Best Vegan Desserts in London

31 Jan 2017

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Winter is the perfect excuse to bundle up in an oversized jumper and start indulging in our favourite winter comfort desserts, sweet treats and festive goodies (mulled wine anyone?). But what are us vegans supposed to do?! So we’ve put together a guide to vegan London  so you can get your hands on the yummiest vegan cakes, track down a vegan bakery or two and not miss out in indulging in vegan desserts over the festive season. Whether you’re a vegan yourself or are just curious to see what all the fuss is about, if you’re lucky enough to be visiting London soon, let us show you that being vegan doesn’t mean missing out on indulging your sweet tooth with our vegan guide for dessert fanatics!


Ms Cupcake

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Just around the corner from Brixton Market is Ms Cupcake, London’s first totally vegan bakery. So as you can imagine, they’re pretty passionate about what they do and prove that vegan cakes can be just as indulgent as the rest! From red velvet celebration cakes to pumpkin spice latte cupcakes they’ve got all your vegan cake needs covered!



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This gourmet restaurant serves up artisan raw cuisine with a modern twist, but they also run raw food courses, raw cleanses and offer all sorts of info about the raw food lifestyle. But whatever, you’re just here for the cake. You can order their raw vegan cakes to take away, think nuts and seeds for the cheesecake style bases and a light, creamy topping; or alternatively indulge with the dessert menu after your raw main course in the restaurant. NAMA is the go to spot for uber healthy vegan treats, meaning you get to spoil yourself with vegan chocolate caramel cake or vegan tiramisu without any of the guilt! Goodbye to that oversized winter jumper! 



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This is the ultimate vegan pit stop for when you just need a little boost or a break from shopping in central London. In the heart of Soho is Yorica!, offering up fro-yo, shakes, waffles, ice-cream and smoothies that are all vegan, gluten free and nut free. Hooray! We’re not entirely sure how they do it (maybe it’s magic), but the ice-cream and fro-yo is so deliciously creamy that even those pesky people who stubbornly resist vegan cuisine will be won over in a second. So choose your flavour, choose your toppings and you’ll be on your way to vegan dessert heaven.


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