Top 6 Areas To Stay In Rome, Italy


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Top 6 Areas To Stay In Rome

25 Jan 2018


Rome is an indisputably beautiful city, and for a quick visit or a long stay, any traveler will surely be enchanted by its wonders. But the question isn’t how long to stay, it’s where to stay in Rome! Whilst rich in monuments and history, the historic centre of Rome has suffered the same fate as many poplar cities and has partially emptied of its locals and its old shops to make room for hotels and souvenir shops. So as a great lover of this city, where I have lived and worked since I was very young, here are the best neighbourhoods to stay in Rome if you want to discover the city like a local and escape the busy centre!


Testaccio & Ostiense 

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This is the neighbourhood where I live, and it’s my favourite. Built on the ruins of the old Roman Emporio del Porto Fluviale, today Testaccio is a district characterised by the university, museums, clubs, stations and important archaeological sites. Although very close to the historic centre and the most famous monuments of the city, it‘s still inhabited by Roman people, families and young students. It has perfect connections with public transport and it’s also a good neighbourhood to eat typical dishes. At the weekends, people come to the south part of the neighbourhood under the magical Monte dei Cocci to dance in the many clubs that you’ll find here. Testaccio borders the Ostiense district, born around the old area of the Rome's General Markets, an interesting mix of old industrial structures that have been re-opened as universities, museums and bistros. 


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Breakfast: head to Noël Crochon, via del Gazometro 11; Linari, via Zabaglia 9.

Lunch and dinner: try Trapizzino for typical dishes at good good prices, via Branca 88 or Le Mani in Pasta, box 58 local market, entrance via Franklin.

Aperitivo: go to Chicchi e lettere, box 43 in local market, entrance via Franklin, Palombi, piazza Testaccio 38 or Fronte del Porto, via del Porto Fluviale 18.


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Garbatella is one of the most famous and particular neighbourhoods of Rome. Its small public houses, built at the beginning of the 900’s for General Market workers are a knit of streets and gardens with a fairytale atmosphere. Very quiet and still inhabited by many Romans, it has numerous B&Bs or small apartments hidden in these small streets. If you like the look of the area but want to spend a little less, you could try neighbouring San Paolo. Characterised by the presence of the beautiful basilica, it’s a very pleasant neighbourhood that’s full of shops and is well connected to the centre. 


Follow the marked path on a walk through the Palladium and the Public Baths, or explore the Catacombs which are a highlight of the area. 

Breakfast: stop by Panifico Mare, via Taigi 6 or La Fornarina, piazza Oderico Da Pordenone 4.

Lunch and dinner: you can’t go wrong with Al Ristoro Degli Angeli, via Orlando 2 and Antichi Sapori, via delle Sette Chiese 115.

Aperitivo: La Mescita, via Fincati 44, Otium, via De Nobili 3 or Csoa la Strada, via Passino 24.


San Lorenzo 

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To the east of the historic centre is the district of San Lorenzo. Famous for being the university district par excellence, it’s always lead a double life; a popular and quiet neighbourhood by day where you can still find old shops and trattorias, and a young and noisy district in the evening, with a multitude of nightclubs and streets crowded by students.


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Museums: Cimitero Monumentale del Verano, Piazza del Verano; Città Universitaria, piazzale Aldo Moro 4; Cinema Palazzo, piazza dei Sanniti 9/a.

Breakfast: Street Forno, via dei Volsci; Said Dal 1923, via Tiburtina 135 or Giufa, via degli Arunci 38.

Lunch and dinner: Da Marcello, via dei Campani 12;  A Casa di Ale, via degli Aurunci 2.

Aperitivo: Ferrazza, via dei Volsci 69 and Celestino, via degli Ausoni 62.



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If you keep going east, after Piazza Maggiore is the beautiful Pigneto neighbourhood, which has undergone a rapid transformation in recent years, inheriting the tradition of the San Lorenzo University district. Pigneto has an exceptional history related to ‘borgate’ and the films of Pasolini. Today it is welcoming and informal with small bookshops, restaurants and clubs. Above all, it’s diverse since it’s lived in by students and migrants, changes the shape from street in the street.

Walk along the self guided route through the streets of Pasolini’s cinema and popular stories of the city (search for the signs that mark out the route to follow).


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Breakfast: Fattori, via Alberto da Giussano 76 and Dolci e Fantasia, via Pausania 1.

Lunch and dinner: Rosti via D‘Alviano 65, and Na Costa, via Giovenale 54.

Aperitivo: Necci, via Fanfulla da Lodi 68, Zazie nel Metrò via Giovenale 16.


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Monteverde & Gianicolo 

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Adjacent to the beautiful but very touristy district of Trastevere is the district of Monteverde, which is divided between the old and new area. Well connected to the historic centre and the train station, it is the perfect area if you’re looking for a quiet but central spot to stay in. From Monteverde you can also reach the wonderful Villa Pamphili, the largest park in Rome, and the Gianicolo promenade, an excellent historical route which slowly reaches the centre of the city, revealing it from a romantic and panoramic perspective. 


Museums and things to do: Villa Sciarra, via delle Mura Gianicolensi 11; Villa Pamphili (which is also known as Rome's secret park), via di Donna Olimpia, and walking the route through the places of Roman Republic (Garibaldi), from via di San Pancrazio. 

Breakfast: has to be Dolci Desideri! via Barrilli 56.

Lunch and dinner: Osteria Mangiafuoco, via Poerio 27/a and La Gatta Mangiona, via Ozanam 30.

Aperitivo: Club 98, via di Monteverde 98.


Nomentano & Villa Borghese

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For a special immersion into one of the most elegant areas of the city, it’s best to stay in a hotel or b&b at the beginning of via Nomentana. Just a stone’s throw from the University City and Termini Station, the Nomentano district winds between historic palaces, ancient walls and gardens. The prices are higher than other districts, so you could stay in a neighbouring district and walk to the beautiful Villa Borghese and northern part of the centre. 


Museums and experiences: Villa Borghese, piazzale Napoleone 1; the self guided route through Coppedé district, via Tagliamento.

Breakfast: La Portineria, via Reggio Emilia 22 and Valli il fornaio, via Bergamo 37.

Lunch and dinner: Osteria Chiana, via Agri 25; Dar Ciriola, piazza Buenos Aires 17.

Aperitivo: Guerrini, viale Regina Margherita 201.


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